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Why is There No Option to Turn Bluetooth on Windows 10? Answered 2022

Millions of people are asking “how to record screen on Windows 10” machine and none of the articles tell you the best way to do so. It’s kind of funny that I couldn’t find the

How to Force Quit Mac and Program on Mac?

To start the Snipping Tool in Windows 11, you can search for it or just press the Windows Key + Shift + S. Like with Snip & Sketch, your screen will dim and a toolbar

Top 5 Ways to Fix Corrupt Registry in Windows 10

We'll talk about everything from how to troubleshoot tech issues, to emerging technology, games, gadgets, and fun facts about technology. If there are corrupted system files in Windows, then SRC can fix most of them.

coreybutler nvm-windows: A node js version management utility for Windows Ironically written in Go.

A PCIe 4.0 SSD is recommended for optimal performance. This is the same technology used in the recently launched Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Both DirectStorage and AutoHDR will be supported on Windows

5 Ways To Take A Screenshot On Your Windows 10 PC

If you want to create a screen recording on a Windows computer, you need to use third-party software or a video capture card. Below is a list of popular screen recording applications for Windows. In

How to Record the Screen on Windows 11 in 2022 5 Methods

Now, go through the first or second sections above to use Bluetooth. You can directly enable Bluetooth from the Windows Settings as well. Use the “Windows + I” keyboard shortcut to open the Settings. Next,